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A platform to promote multi-disciplinary research in Science, Technology, and Management, is an innovative non-profit- making foundation for researchers/ academicians around the globe for research and developments which make this world a happy home for all living

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JANOLI International is committed to providing advanced online hosting and technological solutions to publishers. We are continuously striving to design and develop technological solutions to make the publishing journey fast, secure, easier, and more convenient.

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Find out more about our world-leading peer-reviewed open-access journals, including the journal’s specific information and guidelines.

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We have developed a Librarian Portal to enable you to access our online content in a way that suits your budget and users' needs.

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This section will provide information about how we help scholarly societies and the exclusive benefits of publishing journals with us.

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Find out more about our world-leading peer-reviewed open-access journals, including the journal’s specific information and guidelines.

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To ensure research integrity, we maintain a list of distinguished and qualified experts to aid in the review of journals utilizing Science Alert services.

ASCI Database

Providing an extensive index of trusted and significant research data/breakthroughs across various disciplines to drive research strategies globally.

With The Support Of Strong Editorial Board We Provide Quality Publication Through Our Rigorous Peer Review Process.

Our Cheif Editors

Dr. Narendra Kumar


Prof.(Dr.) Ilona Paweloszek


Prof. (Dr.) Dorota Jelonek


Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar


Prof.(Dr.) Alok Aggarwal


What We do

Skill Development

Upskilling is the most essential for professionals to improve their standard of living. JIJ is committed to improve by offering necessary resources.

Faculty Development

Create and emphasise learner-centred teaching and Professional development training in specific areas of teaching and research

Research & Publications

Include research technique in all parts of learning and increase awareness of publication.

Youth Empowerment

Encouraging and assisting the young people in developing their skills to achieve incredible goals.

Industry-Institute Interaction

Interact and build relationships to develop the necessary skills and growth attitude for

Why Publish with us


We have a strict peer-review system that ensure the content we receive is good and can be improved upon...


We accept content in various formats, and encourage authors to create interesting representations...


We are continuously taking efforts to make publishing easier and pocket-friendly for our contributors...


Our readership consists of experts from all fields within the JANOLI International Journal...


Our peer-review system, however thorough and strict, is a fast process that allows authors to see their work...


Our open source content policy ensure the articles and manuscripts create an enormous positive impact...

What we are expert with

International Conferences

A platform that links researchers, professionals, scientists, academics, and students from around the world.

Journals & Publications

Janoli International Journal is a prominent publisher of scholarly articles in journals that are indexed by SCOPUS, ESCI, Web of Science, SCIE, UGC Care, and Google Scholar.

International Webinars

A series of webinars with international speakers on various topics to explore, disseminate, and discover new trends and procedures that would add value to.

Research Assistance & Guidance

Janoli International Journal genuine, reliable, thorough professional supervision in alongside academic assistance to ensure the research project is done in

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